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Of the 2 million plus businesses operating in Australia 4 years ago, 2 in 5 no longer exist (39.6%).



They lost relevance because they didn't evolve.

Are you running your businesses in a reactionary way? 
Are you feeling forced to implement changes because the market demands it in order to survive?
Would you like to learn a system to evolve your business so that it is a market leader?

Evolution should be the natural state of all businesses.


And now, since COVID-19 came on the scene...

63% of small businesses report being negatively impacted by COVID-19
12% say they are considering cutting costs through staff layoffs
41% have experienced a 50% or more decline in revenue in the past 1-2 months
49% report maintaining adequate cash flow as a concern
37% saying working out how long they can remain viable is a major concern
32% report the health of their employees as a concern
21% are concerned about ensuring their staff have work















Business is a series of evolutions.
What is the next evolution of your business?


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Our business was operating well. Life was good, but we were at risk of becoming complacent and falling behind.

Through introducing this evolution process, we have aligned our culture and strategy to crystallise a defined direction. We have the path to get there and can easily track and measure with accountability. The results in the past 6 - 12 months have seen us increase our leadership strength and depth. We have added a complimentary arm of our business that has created a new revenue stream. We have expanded nationally and created three new positions to increase our business development capacity.
- Brett Piggott

Learn The Simple Business Evolution System for
Business Owners, Leaders & Entrepreneurs
who employee people

"You don't rise to the level of your goals. You only fall to the level of your systems."

- James Clear, Author of Atomic Habits


The BUSINESS EVOLUTION SUMMIT is an intense leadership focused one-day event designed specifically for business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs who recognise the need to evolve themselves so they can evolve their businesses to stay relevant in the hearts and minds of the people they choose to serve. 


The reason businesses go broke or fade into the sunset is because they continue to grow, but they don't evolve. We can't solve tomorrow's problems with today's thinking. Change is happening at a frightening pace, and if you don't like change, you are going to like irrelevance even less. Businesses risk becoming irrelevant to their customers.

They aren't evolving.

The four drivers of business evolution are:

  • technology 
  • the market
  • consumer behaviour
  • disruptive newcomers

These drivers aren't going away anytime soon. This makes the need for evolution mission critical.

Evolution is a process.

The world turns fast these days, and in business we are continually faced with changing landscapes. This presents us with challenges and opportunities to keep our business up to date and relevant.

BUSINESS EVOLUTION SUMMIT is designed to remove the frustration and complexity you have ever had in:

  1. An alignment of culture and strategy
  2. Developing clear goals and expectations
  3. Creating a system of accountability
  4. Developing leadership strength and depth
  5. Developing a consistent sales system

If you feel your business has ever had these challenges, then the BUSINESS EVOLUTION SUMMIT is definitely for you!


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I attended the Business Evolution Summit in January with Dave Clare. His brilliantly delivered message about simplicity is what I needed to re-focus my attention on Leadership. Leadership skills and training of old can be lost in this disruptive world. The Business Evolution Summit gave me the space and permission to re-think my Leadership purpose. Highly recommended.
- Wayne Healy, Managing Director
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Dave simply has the ultimate rack of tools for any business owner that wants to build a leadership framework. From the initial engagement process with the team through to the feedback sessions for management this process delivers results. All of that plus the tool kits to create an alignment of culture and strategy.

- Todd West, CEO

The Most Critical  Event For Australian Businesses Today

The traditional approach to strategy is no longer valid or required. 
The marketplace is changing so fast that your company’s strategic plan should be constantly evolving with it. Your purpose will remain intact, but the requirements to anticipate future client/consumer needs and act should never stop. It's adapt or die.

"It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives, but the species that survives is the one that is able to adapt to and to adjust best to the changing environment in which it finds itself"
- attributed to Charles Darwin's work on “Origin of Species.”

Discover The Systems You Can Use To Productively Transform Your Life, Your Business and The Lives Of The People You Serve

Join the other (up to 50 attendees) 7-Figure business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs like you.

This summit is designed to give you three critical outcomes.

Evolve yourself. Evolve your business to stay relevant. Convert more sales. 

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How To Evolve Your Business To Stay Relevant

It's not the smartest, the fastest or the fittest that survive. It's the businesses that are most adaptable and continue to evolve that do. Dave will take you on a journey through uncertainty and help you define your destination, set the path to get there and understand how to track and map your progress with accountability. 

Learn a transparent framework to help you develop and execute an aligned strategy to become radically client-centric

  • Create a culture & strategy alignment
  • Maintain intense focus on what matters most
  • Build a culture & brand relationship
  • Bust the "Execution is hard" myth

How To Play The Bigger Game With Certainty

Personal excellence is perhaps the most important intangible "asset" that you can acquire. Your business is a representation of you, when you evolve so does it. Annette will pull the curtains back on what makes us tick and why the closer we get to success the more we unconsciously sabotage. 

  • Learn the 4 quadrants of the programming that creates self sabotage.
  • Discover why quantum leaps keeps in life create fear.
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Conversations That Convert More Sales

The number 1 Growth factor for business owners is having consistent sales coming in the door....We all know Cashflow is the lifeblood of all business.

The end goal for all our Businesses should be to build a “YOUR COMPANY” Way of Selling (A Scalable Sales System), allowing you and your team to follow a tried and proven process and then use this tried and tested formula to manage ongoing success.

When we Don’t have structured models and frameworks to follow, it is then up to the individual salesperson to do it “their way”, leading to you, the business owner, having to deal with inconsistent results month after month, whilst also being a challenge to drive, manage and lead a team all doing it “their way”.

This session will walk you through exact Sales Conversion Framework to help you:

  • Convert sales higher than you ever had before and no matter who takes the lead - Scalability and Less Key person Dependence
  • Shorten your sales cycle to eliminate the need for follow up, overcoming objections and enabling you too spend more time converting new leads
  • Increase your average dollar per sale - generating greater profit


Australian Institute of Management - Friday, March 27th, 2020 
Start: 8:30AM  - 4:00PM

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Dave is a corporate entity's best-kept secret. I recommend companies absorb his content in any way they can. In uncertain times there is a great opportunity. To tackle these things people must understand themselves and each other. This is where Dave goes to work!

- Levi Saunders, Founder

"Many thanks for a great and inspiring event. You guys made a great team and I really appreciated how many ideas and experiences you shared with the group! Loved it!"

"What can I say. Having the time with like minded people is an extremely positive outcome. A great investment for any one needing help with cultural shift and clear direction and accountability for YOU and your team. It starts with YOU and your belief and courage for change. Over all a great day. To any one considering this, it’s not only for you, but your team to be unified in a shift, of any nature."

"Wow Dave!! I have so many notes from so much valuable information. I am running back over it all to help review my current goals and formulate a 90 day action plan. Thoroughly impressed by the presentations. Thank you for putting this all together"


Engage with three world class practitioners and leaders to evolve yourself, your business and convert more sales.

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Dave Clare
CEO & Founder of Circle Leadership. 

Dave is a practitioner, coach and speaker of purpose-driven leadership. He is the author of the book SIMPLIFIED. 

The creator of the Model Business Canvas© and the NEXT90© Business Evolution Process. Dave is also the Ambassador (Pacific Region) of the Global Company Culture Association.

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Annette Lackovic
Founder of the Herpreneur Group

Dubbed by Commonwealth Bank business blog as Australia's Leading Female Sales Trainer, Annette is the CEO of Sales International, Founder of 'The Reverse Selling System' & 'Herpreneur Group'

Annette is a master at making the complex sound simple and obliterating any sales fears when presenting.

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Petar Lackovic
Founder of the Sales Institute

Petar is the Director of The Sales Institute Australia, Founder of the Scalable Sales System and creator of the Sales Accelerator Program.

Petar has been asked to tailor the Scalable Sales System for companies like MAZDA, Channel 9, Sanity Music, HMV, Virgin, Westpac, Macquarie Uni, Cancer Council just to name a few.


Australian Institute of Management

Leadership Centre
76 Birkdale St., Floreat WA


Friday, March 27th 2020
8:30AM start - 4:00pm

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Here Is  What You Are Getting

All the tools, resources and knowledge for you to evolve your business to stay relevant in the hearts and minds of the people you choose to serve. Plus some other amazing bonuses!

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Your Own Model Business Canvas© (A1 size) 

Every business model has a shelf life. Has yours expired and you just don't know it yet? You will learn how to build a Model Business that can have multiple business models over it's lifespan. We will work together to start the beginning of your own Model Business Canvas©. You will learn how to hack culture and strategy to build a business that is radically customer-centric, radically transparent and allows for rapid implementation.

Leadership Simplified Workshop (Value $497)

Complete leadership workshop to learn all the magic and science behind evolving yourself and your team to evolve your business. You will have a workbook full of the 5 key models.  Human Behaviour, Organisational Behaviour, Hacking Culture and Strategy Leading Teams. Leading Service.

SIMPLIFIED: Leadership Is Simple. You Lead People. (Value $30)

The Book That Makes Leadership Simple. Engage your employees in meaning-full work. Empower people to make smarter decisions. Inspire teams with a bigger picture of the world. Evolve your organisation by hacking culture and strategy.

Morning Tea & Lunch Catered (Value $30)

We'll take care of the morning tea and lunch for you on the day. This way you can network with each other and mingle with our presenters.


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PRIZE: Culture & Strategy Advance© (One Winner - Value $8,000) 

A full Culture & Strategy Advance© (2-full days) includes: 
Conduct and delivery of team Engagement Survey & SWOT analysis of team. A Leadership Team Offsite: Discovering Purpose, Values Vision & Mission and Strategy (3 years, 1 year and NEXT90 Days). Present full result of Model Business Canvas© to all of the team. 
*Winner must be present at time of draw to qualify.

Lightbent Images & Photography Session (One Winner - Value $750)

Perth's top headshot specialist, Bruno Kongawoin is offering: Unlimited looks session is up to 2.5 hours Max. Up to 15 images ready for web 4 fully retouched images. Unlimited license. Online proofing gallery with delivered images cropped square for online profile.
*Winner must be present at time of draw to qualify.

Do not panic. You won't have to pay thousands (although it's worth it) or even hundreds to attend this summit...



No this isn't a typo. Effective until March 15th, 2020

  • Full event workbook
  • Model Business Canvas© (A1 size)
  • All the models & tools
  • The book: SIMPLIFIED
  • Copy of the event presentation (after)
  • Morning Tea & Lunch
  • Entry into the BONUS prizes
    *Must be present at time of draw



Leadership can be lonely. Bring your business partner or another senior team member along.

For a total of $67, both of you will get all the same benefits and bonus opportunities as an individual attendee ticket holder.

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We're extremely confident in our content, tools and resources offered to you at the Business Evolution Summit.
If you believe you didn't get value for your time and money invested to attend, and don't have a clear understanding of how to hack culture and strategy to evolve your business, your ticket investment will be refunded, no questions asked. If you are not happy with the summit content, or you don't feel it is for you, simply email us to get the entire cost of the event refunded.
You can even keep the copy of Dave's book SIMPLIFIED you received as a gift.


Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions from attendees

Some of Our Business Evolution Clients

These business owners and entrepreneurs are already evolving their business to stay relevant in the
hearts and minds of the people they choose to serve

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