Who is Circle Leadership?

Leaders of a new generation of purpose-driven leaders

"Top down leadership is a thing of the past. All around leadership is the way forward."
- Dave Clare, CEO & Founder

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Our business exists to...

Help leaders evolve themselves and their business evolve to stay relevant...in the hearts and minds of the people they choose to serve.

Our unique thinking...

Freedom from complexity

Knowledge obtained through understanding

Demonstrating care & long-term commitment

Developing capabilities through continual improvement

Pro-actively connected to what matters

Contributing effectively for collective outcomes

We see a world where...

All organisations are lead on purpose first

We are becoming...

The leaders of a new generation of purpose-driven leaders

Learn How To Hack Culture & Strategy With Dave Clare

CEO & Founder

Dave is a keynote speaker, published author, award-winning coach & facilitator, but most of all a practitioner. His goal is to create and inspire 90 million purpose-driven leaders.

Leaders that we work with are looking for ways to increase employee engagement and empowerment. They want to inspire their teams to do their life's best work. There is recognition that a shift from a business model to a model business is not only desired but required to ensure longevity. Business is a long game.

Building an invincible culture that unleashes creativity and innovation is paramount for continued success. Leaders we work with understand that they are responsible to create more leaders, not followers.

Our programs, tools, resources and events are built off the principles Dave has synergised over the past 25 years leading teams around the globe across multiple sectors. These are all captured in his book:

SIMPLIFIED. Leadership Is Simple. You Lead People.

Leadership is simple. You lead people.

Leadership is in crisis mode around the globe. It is broken. Too much of what we call leadership is actually modern management practices. It's time to get back to the pure essence of leadership, and that is you lead people. We are spending billions every year to make leadership better, yet disengagement rates are at an all time high.
It's time to lead different. 


Einstein said "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Leadership is simple, you lead people. It is time to lea different. If you want to develop as a purpose-driven leader, this is the book for you.


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