Build a Culture of Innovation


If you want build an invincible culture that unleashes innovation in your organisation, you need to move from an ego-system to an eco-system of leadership. One where it doesn't matter whose idea it is, the best idea wins (not just the boss's idea).

You need a supporting structure in your organisation where everyone has a direct line of sight to the customer-centric purpose through the values.

"Top down leadership is a thing of the past. All around leadership is the way forward." - A Clarism

Organisational hierarchies (even flattened ones) are EGO-systems. People answer to someone first and most power and authority is held at the top. Organisational dilution of the purpose, values, vision and mission occur down through the "chain of command".

In an uncertain world a new model, a collaborative work model is needed. An ECO-system where trusted power is distributed to the source of client impact. The leader should be in command and control of the leadership framework (purpose, values,...

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