Lead Different


Enabling purpose-driven organisations to hack culture and strategy, develop leadership strength, unleash innovation and drive profitability.


Hack Culture & Strategy

Culture no longer has to eat strategy. Build an invincible culture that protects your strategy. Create total alignment from purpose through values to vision and mission

Develop Leadership

Build leadership strength across your whole organisation, not just at the top. Top down leadership is a way of the past. All around leadership is the way forward.

Unleash Innovation

In an uncertain world it is innovate or die. Innovation comes from creativity which is unlocked with freedom to think. Build trust and responsibility through values.

Culture & Strategy Advance©

Our 2-day facilitated process helps you design and build an invincible culture, align a strategy from that culture, develop leadership strength and unleash innovation from within. A unique part of our process is that we also teach the leaders how to use these tools in their day to day roles.

Circle Leadership Program

It doesn't matter if you are an accomplished or experienced leader, supervisor or just developing your leadership experience, this is the program for you. If you are committed to ensuring the next two months are lived as fully as possible, the Circle Leadership Program will fast track your progress.

It's Time To Lead Different

Our philosophy is that everyone should answer to something first, not someone. We are dedicated to the development of leadership for a new generation of purpose-driven leaders. Our belief is that leadership is simple, you lead people. It is time to get back to the basics, the fundamentals of leadership. It's time to lead different.


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